segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2009

The Lighting Point of My Gun

Por Raguinm

Corrupted by all the putred stinky perceptions I've learned
Corroded by all the beliefs I reproduced
Dying for the need of having something mnore
Longing for my salvation
While all I can have is my agony

Well, I'm getting out!

Don't you try to tell me what to do!
Don't try!...

Selected by the test of this fucking race for living
Locked by the gates of the companie's entrance
I'm being skided by this plant's gear
Decieved by the accomplished agreements
Allways so close to everything I need
And allways too far from it
Seeing all my life falling apart as my payment gets down
Do I have a choice?
Did you look at my eyes before destroying my life?
Did you heat the cry of my children
When they wanted a toy I made and couldn't buy to them?
When they wanted the food I couldn't buy to them?
Did you see my daughter's face?
Did you look at the eyes of the last secretary you rapped?
Did you look at the eyes of the last worker you fired?
Of the last family your last candidate lied to?
Of the last person killed by the armies of the primitive goverment that keeps your investments?
Of the last animal that died of starvation runing from the last forest you burned out?
Of the last mother who lost son in the construction of you filial?

Did you know anything about the world you made?
The world you gave us
The world you imposed us
Do you know what you're causing?
Of course you could never know!
This is what you give to us - and you wanna away from your sight!

So come on, man
We'll show you enraged consequence of qhat you made!
See it at the lighting point of my gun...!

Now it's our turn to impose!
Taste it, sucker!
Taste it, danm parasite!
Taste it, bourgeous!
The ones you used to use to profit
Are coming here now for restitution!

We've come - and now there's nothing you can do...!

See it all at the lighting point of my gun

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