sábado, 23 de maio de 2009

I Am a Rocker

Por Raguinm

Walking in a road that leads to total destruction
Breaking all the values of this putred institution
Smoking, drinking and beating up allmost everyday
You may be scared, but now hear what I say

I don't care for hipocritical good lookings and moral
I'm a figure of trash n' alt looking at you now
I point my thinger at the authority and I laugh of angry God
I'm a weapon of mass destruction just walking all around

I am a Rocker, and feeling no shame
I am a villain of your movies, but right now just say my name
I am a Rocker, and I'll do it all again
And it's not just a fase, I've came here to break the game

I'm a Rocker
I'm a Rocker
A Bad Rocker for your beautiful dreams all come down to sand

I didn't come outter space, believe me, I'm your brother
Blame me for violence, but your way are all a slaughter
Well, you may call me corrupter, but it's a matter of side choosing
I'm lust, truth, revolt n' freedom, you don't know what you're loosing...!

I am a Rocker
I am a Rocker
I am a Rocker
I've came here to break the game
Break the game, yeah
Just say my name
Say my name
Say my name
I am a Rocker!

Lie about me
Look bad at me
I feel no shame
You don't know what your loosing..!