quarta-feira, 10 de março de 2010

A Few Days Out

Por Ricardo Casmurro & Raguinm

I keep on rolling it on
Stopping outside this vassel
I wonder nothing more
Day after day I go

Searching for my muddy wisdom
Walking out, every day miles from home
Don't feel never there at home at all
I never care, 'cos my hope is not gone

I like to hear my friends speaking
Like to live like there was not much to care
I've already head enough of the awareness feeling
I bet I'll find myself a place somewhere

Not Brushing my teeth for two or three days long
Wearing the same clothes for like that or more
Sleeping out in friend's home one house after another
Oh, man, that feels so good to be far from mom n' papa

Oh, yeah, give some more
Maybe just one more day
I'll tell you, baby, I'm almost a runaway
A few days out's all I've got

So I look at the mirror
I see just a lonely boy
Living on for the shadow
Of could have been more

Whispering days that never came
Hosting a childish pain of wondering
Looking at the future and plans
But locked up in something he hates

For a further look and living
A Few Days Out's more than needed



Sobre: A vida em geral é uma prisão, prisão sob os limites que ela nos impõe a cada momento. E somos ao mesmo tempo sempre um poço de possibilidades que podem se concretizar ou não. Mas a angústia de estar preso a uma vida que não queremos e tendo que esperar pelos nossos planos, pelo tempo de cada coisa, às vezes parece insuportável... por isso, tudo mundo merece alguns dias fora.