quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2009

Infernnum of Metal

Pro Árion Vampyr

My Friend,
I have a whole new world to show you
Come here again,
Have no fear of this my new brand truth

We'll distorce our guitars
Hear the drums calling
Feel the orchestra in our fingers
Feel the essence of our mystic Hymn
Drink with us the blood of Christ
Meet us on our rituals in the cemetery
Share with us your remorseless sin

Be the Devil of a World without Gods
Come meet us in the
Infernnum of Metal!
Come to be a foster child of the dark noise
This is forever the
Infernnum of Metal!

We'll breed the demons of folks imagination
We'll use the moonlight as our cloak
Tell the religius to fear us
We are the danmed clerics of the godless
We are heralds of eletric chaos
We are the annoucers of the pain
We are the bards of a fallen world
Our World!
We come here to show you the fear
To show you the pain
That is here everyday
We come to give life to your aguish
To your rage
To put coal in your fire of agony
To show you the blessings of your God
Psychopathia, Hunger, Violence
Lie, death, pain, hate, loneliness, sadness
Says very loud your sentence
Eternal Domain of hellwaiting madness
Under the dictatorship of sins

Apocalipse has already begun
This world is dead n' only the Godless can get it back alive

So we held the flag of the devil!


Heavy! Thrash! Black! Death!
Folk! Epic! Gothic! Melodic!
All Children of the darkness
All from the lineage of Metal
From the Clan of Rock n' roll
Bring the Scene back Alive!

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