domingo, 7 de setembro de 2008

Coming Riot

Por Raguinm

I Feel a strange tension coming throught the air
I Feel an intense echo of long distante lonely days
The voices of past still come 'round my head
I Feel a Coming Riot n' when it's on nothin' stays

Feel the heat of a strong move of people coming out
People Fuling the Streets so much, Can't see the ground

Years of anguish and held on hate
For being taken down for those dominate
Crying nights and days for this great loneliness
Look into my eyes and now follow my trace

Coming Riot, The Rebel desease
Coming Riot, raisen the fist
Coming Riot, the anger in here
Coming Riot, Coming out the repressed instinct

Red Flags up and runing with the wind
Riding angry steps, the masses marching in
The Palace right on our way shaking of desperate fear
Our eyes full of tears, tears of happiness here

Feel the strange feeling grow with every hour
The workers of a country taking over the power

Coming Riot, A Rebel Plague
Coming Riot, Raisen the Flags
Coming Riot , the anger in here
Coming Riot, bringing violence for the final peace...!

Coming Riot...!
Coming Riot!
Coming Riot!
Coming Riot!
Coming Riot!
Red Riot!

Here I Am

Um comentário:

Jacky disse...

Gostei muito da sua forma de ver e escrever sobre o mundo. Ao ler tudo isso, realmente pude sentir uma esperança em cada palavra.
Muitas pessoas diriam, que não passa de um texto utópico, mas a racionalidade esta presente. A forma que vc coloca os sentimentos é crua e pesada.

Red Riot! ^^