domingo, 21 de setembro de 2008

Deep Dark Brown

Por Ricardo Casmurro & Árion Vampyr

Floating lights sleeping out my window
Cold breath of night surrounds me quietly
I hope the taste of salt I feel do not follow on
I'm full of standing up, gonna take my sit

I'm standing looking at the view
I'm not interested if it's beautiful or ugly
I hear the silent voices from inside screaming
My body stops moving against my will

The Night comes down
And I'm looking at it
Its eyes watch inside me
Eyes of a deep dark brown
And I can't help it

I've waited so long
And nothing has changed
I feel I'm down
Don't say we're the golden age

Bleeding my hope and loosing my soul
Hiding in dark 'till all of that fall

I must remember
The end, the end, the end, the end and...

Feeling my heart breaking it down
And loosing the way of the mind
The deep dark brown must come around
And my soul will waste in the try


Watching around
The edge of the begining
My life is gonne
In the late of this evening...


Sobre: Apenas um pouco de angústia.

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