quarta-feira, 23 de abril de 2008

The Black Widow

Por Raguinm

You want me when you see me
I Know I can have your heart
And I'll do everything to it
At night, the wolves will bark

I See your face and I feel strongly attracted to you
I Feel warm when I touch you and smooth when I hear your voice
I Can't help it, there´s nothing I can try to do
I like big guys and I like to feel them strong when they talk

You remind me of the last ones I had
All Were there same
All gave me thrill, desire and fear

You know I want men who're bad
All those I remember the name
Our love story in this will repeat

I see your face and I feel strongly opressed by you
I remember the strengh that hurt me my whole life from known arms
I feel you opening my legs like forced to
I remember my first unforgotable man I thought I knew

I want to see your body upon me
I love you and hate you at the same night
I know I shouldn't be doing this, but I need it
I can't be alone, but I feel horrofied with you
In the end you're just like him
Your touch, your smell, your voice

I remember being entered just like you do
I remember him spanking me just like you do
Don't be aware when I start to cry
(Many didn't)
It's because I remember what you did to me
He's inside my head all the time
The low lights of this motel room
Seem just like that darkened dungeon
The hurt and the pleasure I feel
Are just like the ones of that time

Stop touching me!
Your skin feels like burning mine
Get out from upon me
Get out from inside me
This minutes seem like those days
I can feel the scars burning and hurting again
This thing between your legs
It's hurting me like a just both knife
Your touch is like cutting my skin
Get out from upon me!
I cannot look at you anymore...!
I love and hate you too much...!I cannot let you go...
You won't hurt me anymore...
Not me and not anyone!
You'll have the face of fear I had...
And you'll never touch me again...!

For another night, I will walk away alone
Once more I feel lost
And I know I've lost the one I loved last
I cannot stop feeling guilty
I will never see you again
Once more I'll have to run
Looking for a safe place to stay
A new man to love
And another night to look for the love I need
It gets bigger as I loose the ones I love
And then I need to search another one
To feel confortable and protected
As I feel afraid and careless
I'll keep on searching
Night after night
For the man of my life...

"So they call Her the Black Widow
And she's still being searched by the police
But it still has, apparently, no clue of where it could be
The Serial Killer called as 'The Black Widow'"

Sobre: Este poema, na verdade é uma letra de música, que pretendo fazer para um futuro álbum da minha banda, a Red Riot. A idéia é que esse álbum trate das mazelas sociais em seus efeitos psicológicos. A idéia é trabalhar com as opressões socias e a teoria da aleinação em suas manifestações individuais mais extremos. O instrumento para fazer isso seria o de fazer isso através de personagens psicóticos, explicando o como eles entendem suas próprias psicoses, por que são psicóticos, por que matam, como se sentem em relação a seus assassinatos, etc. O nome do Álbum seria Psychopathia. Essa música é sobre a opressão à mulher. A história deixo para que vocês decifrem. Quem quiser saber melhor do que se passa na cabeça dela, me perguntem por e-mail q eu respondo!

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