domingo, 19 de outubro de 2008

Scenes of Our So Called History

Por Raguinm & Árion Vampyr

Hearts exposed still beating for all to see
While the flames deform men alive
Surrounded by hanged corpse pieces
For the sight of all whole vilage

A Scene of the so called history...
This is our barbaarianship!

Red is the color that paints our houses
The smell of putred people's bodies
It's the exemple for all of us not to follow
Everything's just too terrifying, so hollow..!

Carnage(!) is the real name for our living...!
Try to scape and you'll be another head up on the lance

King and Gods had allways reigned upon us
With their fully sacred blessings
Of knowledge, guidance and kindness
Sent by their dungeons, taxes and armies
Manteined by their torturers and soldiers
With the beautiful gift of hunger and torture
With marvel exemples exposed to our children
Hanged in our squares
Staining with blood all pages of our book
For the eternity of our pride
For the fully of our purity

Scenes of the So Called History..!

Sobre: parte de um projeto de álbum que se centraria em expôr as atrocidades cometidas pelas classes dominantes ao longo da história.. Aqui é só uma idéia geral. As classe dominantes nunca ti veram pudor em fazer todo tipo de atroidade com seres humanos, causar dores que para nós hoje seria impensáveis, criar um terror inimaginável para nós.. mas que alguns de n´so pdoem ter a sorte de testemunhar em pouco tempo.

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