segunda-feira, 1 de agosto de 2011

Bought a New One

Por Raguinm

I bought a burguer yesterday
The same way I got a girl last night
And the last one I had, I thrown it away
It was a picture, color of grey, picture of mine

The lights of the shops guide my window
All I need's done
And When I saw myself at the mirror
I bought a new one

I bought a television yesterday
the same way I've chosen my son's school
Then I felt some agony again
And bought a bottle of pílls for feeling nule


'Till some time after I start to feel
Like it wears me out
And it takes me out
I have nowhere to look
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to do
Falling into me
Coming Around
Coming all around
'till I cannot hold on
not hold on to a thing
Falling to pieces...!

Then my psychologist prescribed me a medicine
And I bought a bottle of pills for feeling nule


"What am I gonna do when the pills are over?"


Sobre: Minha pseudo Fake Plastic Trees. Uma elaboração da objetificação das pessoas e de si mesmo pela sociedade de mercado, em suma, alienação.

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