quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2010

I Killed My Parents

Por Raguinm

[I killed my parents
Yeah, yeah, I did it
And I don't regret

I murdered my parents
Yeah, yeah, I know it
And I'm preety glad]

I was full of that shit
Daily agression, ears n' skin
Endless lookout, a move a sin

I was living on the edge
Each single look a slash
Only the walls to hold my back


Don't bullshit me with thanks crap
I didn't choose to live
I don't have to have life debt
Nobudy ever a thing asked me

So Why should I care?

They held me by blackmail n' fear
Submission pays love, Respect's Subjection
Shape me by Lie, Beat n' Public Humiliation

So don't expect me to be the future of the nation!

I am peacefull now
Living of my goods 'n bads at all
They're here, rotting on the wall

Now I feel free
No kind words to full me up
The world's bitch enough

I killed my parents
And I feel Deadly fine!

Sobre: uma brincadeira, que, como toda brincadeira, tem um fundo (não tão fundo) de verdade,...!

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