quinta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2008

Symphony of War

Por Raguinm

Cryin' Babies in a hellious place
Soldiers walkin' leftin' no trace
All the prays were left behind
The cruelty in there nobudy will never mind, Yeah

All the tears were allready cryied
So many families were sepaired, untied
And the things that I thought were right
In bombs n' shots I realized were all lies

Flying to death they are going now
If you survive or not, it's the same up n' down
Everyone will see the pain
If you do not die you'll fly again, Yeah

This is the symphony of war
the melody of bombs and blood, yeah
keep the secret of the real truth
It's realy right that it will be your tomb

This is the symphony of war
the great battles of the peace age
Now I know the diference of right n' wrong
All we do is right even explode a bomb!

Some people just tell us to kill n' die
But it's weakness to stop n' cry
Our families n' loves are waitin' us home
Maybe we see them when the work be done

Sounds of airplanes flyin' on the sky
I hope that this time nobody need to die
We kill the enemy by the excuse of war
Nothing is more than murder, or maybe more

Shots of weapons n' cry of pain
If you're shot, would be better die
Some people feel happy protectin' the nation
But isn't the enema fightin' for thei nation too?

Firing cannons against enemy attack
Under crossed fire we run to death
Mybe some mines would make the work
N' our work just make it worse


Symphony of War
Atrocities made n' maybe some more
Symphony of War
Fighters, Tanks, mines, Bombs n' blood
Symphony of War, Symphony of War


Sobre: A guerra sob o ponto de vista de um soldado que começa a questionar o que está fazendo. Início de um questionamento ao nacionalismo em si e do sentido da guerra. Incício de uma consciência de classe entre ele e o soldado do campo inimigo. Um pouco também de desespero da situação em si. Nada de pacifismo.

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