segunda-feira, 2 de junho de 2008

The Final Power

Por Árion Vampyr

The World is colapsing
For an end in transition
Sun for the fight
Men of domination
Fire to Burn
Fly to return
Why do you do all this?
It's the final death
For the Final Power that you can't have

Forces of darkness
The Power is destruction
In your hands
You are the Avatar of corruption!
We are killers
We need to kill to survive
We are controlers
For the dark light
Of the force of the night
In these Lessons
You don't need to learn, only to fight!

The Forces of darkness
Are Killers
In the living death
You should choose life or death
The power of Cain
The final power is in

Choose the way
Look at your lack of soul and away
To find the terrifiing power
Open your mind
For the hell inside


Sobre: Mais uma peça do meu antigo baú. Também com leves alterações.

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